Micro-entrepreneurs IFAD VII


Loans for micro and small enterprises IFAD VIII

Eligible activities  

All types of agricultural and agriculture-related income-generating activities, including:

  • Production, harvesting and storage of fruit, berries, vegetables, medicinal and aromatic plants, seeds and seedlings, field crops and table grapes (excluding technical grapes, tobacco, forestry and landscaping crops);
  • Production, harvesting of vegetables in greenhouses and/or open fields
  • Livestock farming, including the purchase of livestock, equipment and machinery;
  • Sorting, processing and packaging of agricultural products (except technical grapes, tobacco, forestry and landscaping);
  • Construction of warehouses and cold stores for agricultural products;
  • Agro-tourism (purchase of animals, equipment and machinery necessary for the development of the farm in the tourist complex)
  • Other related to agriculture activities.


Maximum loan amount

The equivalent of EUR 100 000

(maximum 90 % of the total value of the investment project)


Eligible applicants

Small and medium-scale agricultural enterprises meeting the following eligibility criteria:

  • are registered in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, as subjects of entrepreneurial activity, under any legal form, and have all the necessary permits, licenses and approvals to conduct business activities;
  • maintain relevant accounting records and submit standard financial reports within the established deadlines;
  • comply with the criteria set out in Law No 179 of 21 July 2016 for micro and small enterprises;
  • comply with environmental protection legislation and standards and environmental impact assessment principles;
  • the total area of land owned and/or leased by all founders of the applicant and all founding entities shall not exceed 10 hectares.
  • within the same Project (IFAD VIII), the beneficiary can receive loan only once.


Non-eligible applicants

  • are insolvent, bankrupt or involved in such actions and other similar legal proceedings;
  • apply for financing for investment in a third-party enterprise, including businesses operated in the same household.
  • are associated in business with foreign investors.
  • have received loans/grants from IRECR, RRP.


Loan term

Loans are awarded for medium and long term: ≤ 8 years (≤ 4 years, grace period)


Benenficiary’s contribution

Min. of 10 % of the total investment project cost (financial means and/or material goods invested during the preparation and implementation of the investment project)


Loan currency

MDL, EURO (in accordance with NBM regulations)


Interest rate

The re-crediting rate is floating and is calculated according to the formula established and announced by the Office for the Management of External Assistance Programmes (OMEAP).

For resources re-credited in Moldovan lei (MDL), the final interest rate for the Beneficiary is composed of:

a) Reference rate ( National Bank of Moldova base rate) – 21.5%.

b) Margin charged by the Ministry of Finance/OMEAP to cover foreign exchange risk (0.3%) and operational expenses (0.3%)

c) Margin of the financial institution for intermediation of resources and coverage of credit risk – approx. 3.5%.


According to the Decision of the Steering Committee of the OMEAP No. 5 of 25 August 2022, in order to support real sector enterprises and mitigate the significant increase in the cost of local financial market resources, it was approved to decrease the re-crediting rate by 8.5 percentage points for a period of 6 months for MDL, resulting in a final annual rate of approx. 17.1% (21.5%+0.3%+0.3%-8.5%+3.5%).

Conditions for using the loan

  • the funds provided from IFAD resources shall be used for the purchase of fixed assets (only max. 30% can be used for the purchase of working capital);
  • funds received under the Project shall be used only for the purchase of goods at net value (excluding VAT);
  • transport and installation costs related to investments, if they are part of the purchase contract, can be financed from Project resources;
  • working capital can be financed from the resources of the Applicant, from the resources of the co-financing bank (if applicable) and partly from IFAD resources (max. 30%).



the purchase of greenhouse modules/constructions will only be eligible if they are supplied by a firm specialised in greenhouse construction or by authorised distributors/dealers;

for the construction or repair of production premises, warehouses and agricultural halls, etc. – only construction materials (documented on the basis of cost estimates (cost estimate) issued and approved by the authorised specialist will be eligible for funding. The duration of the lease of the land on which the building is to be constructed shall not be less than the recovery period of the investment;

for agri-tourism – construction/reconstruction and renovation of agri-tourism guesthouses, purchase of new animals, equipment and machinery

the purchase of second-hand equipment, machinery or other assets will be eligible if the supplier will ensure the proper functioning of the asset by a contractual clause.


Advantages of accessing loans from IFAD resources:

  • VAT exemption with right of deduction for supplies of goods and services within the country and tax and customs facilities for important goods purchased from Project resources.
  • Medium and long-term investment loans.
  • Advantageous Annual Percentage Rate of Interest (APR).
  • Limited commission fees.


Activities not eligible for financing

  • goods purchased from individuals (who are not subjects of the entrepreneurial activity);
  • refinancing of existing debts;
  • payment of taxes, duties and insurance payments;
  • construction of residential, commercial and administrative buildings;
  • lease/purchase of land or buildings for production/warehousing purposes;
  • production/marketing of technical grapes, alcohol and tobacco products, forestry crops and landscaping plants;
  • commercial activities (except investments made for the marketing of own production);
  • Non-material assets;
  • means of transport for carrying passengers or workers.


* The project has a national coverage and is to be implemented in the territories controlled by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, including ATU Gagauzia, with the exception of the cities Chisinau and Balti. The enterprises that are registered in the cities of Chisinau or Balti can become beneficiaries of the project if they submit the certificate of registration of the subdivision in the rural localities where the business is carried out.

** List of Partner Financial Institutions