Extended call for expressions of interest: Adaptation Fund Climate Senior Specialist

IFAD Executive Board has approved for financing a loan to the Republic of Moldova in the amount of EUR 18.94 million, and a grant of USD 5.54 million from Adaptation Fund for implementation of the Talent Retention for Rural Transformation (TRTP) Project.

The CPIU IFAD intends to recruit a national consultant, with a background in agriculture, water management, natural science or equivalent in environment management, land use-planning, business administrations, with experience on implementation of international funded projects in agriculture, project management, to manage implementation of the Adaptation Fund grant.

Under the direct supervision of the CPIU Director, the Adaptation Fund Climate Senior Specialist will be responsible for the overall guidance and management of the Adaptation Fund related activities as described in the TRTP-Adapt PDR, the TRTP PDR, the PIM, and in accordance with the CPIU regulations. The Specialist will pro-actively find solutions to problems, delays, and bottlenecks to ensure that the project implementation schedule is on track. In doing so the Specialist will be closely involved in every aspect of the Adaptation Fund component. She/He will be responsible for the contracting, supervising, guiding, and closely overseeing the Service Provider contracted to implement the on-farm water management activities. The Specialist will also work in close coordination with the irrigation engineer to ensure that 30 percent of beneficiaries of benefitting from the tertiary irrigation system are smallholders only using micro-irrigation systems designed for maximum water efficiency, or are successful applicants of the irrigation grants.

The Specialist will also be responsible for the successful implementation of the Conservation Agriculture activities vis-à-vis the contracting of experts; carrying out of the national survey; organizing national conventions and working with all parties to ensure that a CA curriculum is developed, that support is provided to CA research and that a professional CA training programme is set up.

Detailed Terms of Reference including the main duties and responsibilities as well as required skills and experience of the Consultant can be downloaded from HERE.

 The CPIU IFAD invites eligible Individual Consultants to indicate their interest in providing the consulting services. Interested candidates should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services. The key criteria for shortlisting evaluation are the following:

  1. General qualification – 30 points:
  2. Specific experience in the field for vacant position – 50 points:
  3. Language skills -10 points:
  4. Computer management skills, soft applications – 10 points

Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Individual Consultant Selection procedure (ICS). Assessment of the candidates will be conducted against evaluation criteria, based on information provided in the application documents.

Interested candidates are invited to deliver a detailed Curriculum vitae in English, Letter for Expressions of Interest (free form), and Self-declaration of liability, as per the form attached, to office@ucipifad.md, procurement@ucipifad.md  before 22 Feb.9 March  19 March 2021 at 17:00.

Shortlisted candidates will be called for the interview and will be informed about the next stage of the selection process (regular face-to-face interview rounds are conducted usually in the CPIU IFAD Office, but interviews may be also be conducted on remotely).

Consolidated Programme Implementation Unit (CPIU  IFAD)

Attn: Procurement office, of.  1303,  bd. Stefan cel Mare și Sfînt, 162,

Chisinau,  MD-2004,  Republic  of  Moldova